Friday, April 04, 2008

(Me vs. the mid afternoon, or whatever the mid afternoon is in my life.)

Yesterday I slept for 15 hours. I have got myself lost in a mess of blankets, and I am trying to escape. If anyone wants to trap themselves up with me spending afternoons listening to surf rock, let me know.

Sell the kids for food, weather changes moods:

It's sunny out. The wind Is over. Things will be Ok.

My life changes like the weather. And in this city, you never know what is going to fall from the sky.

Every morning I look out my window to see what people are wearing on the street.
Every afternoon I realize I've made the wrong decision.

Cardigans work in all weather, so I put them on when it's too smoggy to see out the window.

They are covering the city with glass. Soon they will propose to put up a glass dome over the downtown core.

When that happens, it will even out my moods and perfect my wardrobe.

--That's all. Woodhands this evening.
(I channel Woody Allen and take on the rest of the evening.)